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JMK integrated hand-held wireless data collection

Modern Tire Dealer

September 16, 2011

JMK Computerized Tire Dealer Information System has introduced a hand-held wireless two-way data collection device.

Designated J-Scan, it incorporates the latest Bluetooth technology for two-way direct wireless communication between your staff and the JMK system.

It can collect data:

  1. From the parking lot -- when your staff meets the driver in the parking lot to discuss the vehicle, they can automatically scan the VIN or J-MATCH 2d bar, or enter the license number, to start a new work order with the customer's name and vehicle information completely filled in.
  1. From the shop floor -- sales and tech staff can wirelessly add VIN, license, mileage, or DOT number information to an existing work/estimate order.

  2. From the warehouse floor -- your staff can directly verify inventory quantity and make immediate corrections.

"In an active dealership with many bays or a large warehouse, J-Scan offers significant saving in staff time and improved data accuracy, allowing staff to spend their time selling to the customer in place of typing into the system." says Jim Krakower, director of system development at JMK.

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