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May 8, 2012

JMK Computerized Tire Dealer Information System has released J-Match REMOTE, a low-cost, stand-alone, Web-based service that allows users of smartphones and tablets to access their purchase history, see current coupon specials, see maintenance services due now and to make an appointment for service.

This product allows dealers to simply distrubute an oil change-style window sticker, credit card-sized loyalty card, letter head or A/R statement with a predefined special QR code.

Your customers can then use their smart phone/tablet to scan the code. It is activated striclty from user information received by the JMK system, similar to data dealers currently send out for outside mailing/marketing services.

Based on that design, J-Match REMOTE can be used by any software system that can export data electronically.

Electronic data transfers are very common in today's market - with low cost easy start up, no employee training time, and no long term commitments, says Jim Krakower, director of system development at JMK.

"Because of the efficiency of a central Web-based server and data exchange, parallel to current mailing/marketing service companies, dealers can now partcipate immediately in the latest technology without the need to change their current data system -- a simple, elegant, low-cost, and non-committal marketing solution," says Krakower.

"The business community knows that QR code use is exploding. By using J-Match REMOTE, they can now 'cement' the relationship with their user base -- especially in the 25- to 45- year-old demographics -- most active in smartphone/tablet use and product purchases."

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