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JMK's J-Connect

What does it do?
Allows your customers direct access from your existing website to:

Their individual vehicle service histories from your 'Point-Of-Sale' (POS) system

Targeted coupon marketing - or services required now, based on their vheicle manitenance recommendations

Suggested vehicle maintenance, based on current mileage

Also for JMK system users, optional verified automated appointment schedule setup

Optional J-Match QR Code mobile device access

How does it work?
You need to have your sales software system send to JMK a copy of the same
standard data export file currently supplied to your post card mailing service company
What does it typically cost per store location?
One-time nominal setup fee

Ongoing cost at well below $2 per day

Are there any commitments?
You need to agree to a contract where:

We give you assurance of confidentially for your company data

You agree to keep our policy and program features in confidence

This contract can be cancelled by you at any time - you are under no commitments

How do you get started?
Contact JMK for a format quote and review

Jim Krakower 217-384-8891 or 217-390-8891


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