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JMK Demo

Can I see a demonstration of the JMK System?

The best way to get a feel for the JMK System is to contact us to arrange for a personal demonstration customized to your requirements.

About Our System

What Hardware and Software do I need to run the JMK Application System?

The JMK System is a client-server system. That means the application software runs on one computer (your PC or workstation), while the client or user interface runs on another computer (the server).

This is the same system used by the Internet: the client (your computer) runs a program called a web browser, which connects over a network to another computer (the server) that delivers content to you.

With the JMK System, (a) the client, running any version of Windows or Linux, has a program on it supplied by JMK allowing it to connect over a network to (b) the JMK Application Server, running Linux.

To summarize, you need a PC—on a network—that connects to a server running JMK software. Via the Internet, you can connect to the server provided by JMK, or you can connect to your own server on your local network.

What is a computer network and how do I get one?

A computer network is 2 or more computers that are connected together. All you will need is the correct type of cable to connect them together and a hub or switch which acts as a central connection point. Almost all modern computers will have a Network Interface Card (NIC) and the needed networking software built in as a standard feature.
How do I connect my multiple stores?

Each store will need to have a broadband Internet connection, such as DSL or Cable. JMK will provide the technical know-how to connect your stores together over the Internet.

JMK utilizes a technology called Virtual Private Networking or VPN to connect your stores. This requires a VPN router to be set up at each location.

How much does your system cost?

The typical dollar cost per location, amortized over a 5 year period, is less than that of a minimum-wage employee on your staff working the normal hours your stored is open each week!
In order to provide you with a cost estimate, JMK will need to perform a preliminary review of your requirements relative to our solution.
Please complete our Survey Form to help expedite this process, and review our list of JMK System features to confirm what options are right for your circumstances.

JMK's Application Programs

What are the JMK applications?

The JMK applications are divided into modules. The modules are:

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Order Entry, Account History, Payroll, General Ledger, Check Reconciliation, and Fixed Asset Depreciation.

To get a better idea of how these modules work together, please look at System Flow Diagram.

Do all my locations share the same inventory?

That option is up to you. Most companies choose to have a common pool of items for all their stores. Each store maintains its own data for quantities, costs, etc.
How do I maintain all of this technology? Do I have to add an IT staff position to my operation?

You have the option of retaining your own IT staff, but for most companies this is not necessary. If you opt for software as a service (SAAS), where JMK maintains the server, all the typical server maintenance issues are handle by JMK, including OS updates, security patches, data backup, and data recovery. As desired, JMK can provide support at the server, network, and desktop levels, making the requirement of a local IT staff optional per your additional needs.

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