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Moore Tires
Our company has been using the JMK software for over 10 years and we can't recommend it enough. From invoices to inventory to payroll, it does it all. The department reports available are productivity tools a company just can't do without.
Customer and technical support is top notch and compares to no other.
When you don't have to spend hours fixing or trying to figure out your software it leaves you more valuable time to focus on your business and increase sales. We are able to serve our customers on a level our competitors are not able too, with much credit given to the features JMK enables us to utilize and pass on to the customer. As a company that likes growth and updated and new technology, JMK is there to handle our needs and keep us moving forward.

Moore Tires, Inc.
Lois Hayes
Moore Tires
Levin Tire Centers
Levin Tire
D and J Tire
D and J Tire
RHD Tire
RHD Tire
Fitzgerald Tire

#10. JMK is a good resource for industry trends
#9. Hardware recommended by JMK is reliable and well researched.
#8. Equipment needs are addressed promptly with overnight delivery capability
#7. PC system is easy to navigate with many useful options from point of sale to accounting and inventory control.
#6. The Linux system is lightening fast.
#5. Support staff is patient and speaks in layman's terms.
#4. Support is actually JMK in the USA not outsourced
#3. We have been with JMK for 17 years and can count on one hand the times when our system has been down.
#2. Even though they are 2 hours behind our East Coast location, they still answer support calls at 4:00 A.M. their time, and are pleasant about it!

Fitzgerald Tires
Atlantic Tire
Atlantic Tire
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