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Canadian Flag Friendly Software

JMK Provides 24/7/365 live phone support for our customers

Daytime Phone:

(217) 384-8891

Afterhours Phone:

(217) 390-8891

FAX Number:

(815) 301-8327

On Line Documentation
(for JMK Customers only)

Access to documentation requires user name and password

JMK Documentation on line

Documentation showing how to access JMK demo

JMK Demo Connection Instructions

When you call JMK you get:

Call JMK and we will listen to and respond to your question.
If the issue is not urgent or it is your preference, you can send us email.

Contact via email:JMK Sales Support

Contact via email:JMK Accounting Support

Contact via email:JMK Customer Support

Contact via email:JMK Project Support

For JMK Customers only:

Access to exclusive content, software and documentation, requires user name and password, contact JMK for assistence
JMK System Setup Worksheet

Quick FAQ

Software repository, PC software used for JMK

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