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Automated Tire Purchase / Resale (Delivery,
Marketing, & Claims Processing Delivery time, Route,
Contact, Dealer ID assigned by Ford, Chrysler, GM etc.

J-Library: Reservoir

Of Tire Industry Item ID Information to Automate Inventory Item Setup

Automate ITEM ID profile setup. Auto create a new Item id profile directly from -point of sale -receive stock screen -inventory setup screen.

Draws data from J-Library reservoir of tire industry information.
Nearly 100,000 items, over 300 other manufacturers.

Integrated Document Image Service

Scan and load a vendor’s delivery receipt item data,directly into the JMK point of sale system inventory module. "This feature option turns that multi-hour job into seconds, along with enhanced accuracy and auto create of new item IDsetups, ” said Jim Krakower, director of system development at JMK
Reduces entry errors in: item identification, quantity, purchase costs, and eliminates the tedious but crucial manual data entry process.