Data Migration and Conversion
From/To Other Systems

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  • Extensive experience with data export, capture, transfer and conversion from one computer system to another.
  • Every business has data that is specific to their company on a computer system. That data has real value and should not be abandoned.
  • Every customer that has changed to the JMK system from another system, has had their data migrated with them.
  • Multiple time proven methods to migrate data between computer systems
  • Export / Import
    • Comma Separated Variables (CSV) most common method.
    • SQL Database.JMK system data can be exported to a SQL database allowing for custom report access
  • Capture Data Export: Capture is possible, for those systems that do not allow for or limit data export, using a variety of methods
  • Transfer: After export or capture data must be transfer to the new system. JMK has extensive experience in a variety of transfer methods.
  • Convert and Import: Interpret converted data into the JMK system.

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