Reservoir of Tire Industry Item ID Information to Automate Inventory Item Setup

Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama Over 300 Manufacturers with Nearly 100,00 Items

  • Automated ITEM ID profile setup
  • Auto create a new Item id profile directly from:
    • 'point of sale' screen
    • 'receive stock' screen
    • 'inventory setup' screen
  • Draws data from J-Library reservoir of tire industry information
    • near 100,000 items, over 300 other manufacturers
  • Create a new specific item id individually
    • or add all sizes for that specific Manufacturer/Model
  • Accessible from any JMK work station
  • Continuously updated to latest information
  • Automatically ties directly into manufacturer's web site, for added support information
  • Consistent accuracy and setup/presentation standards
  • Ultimate time saver
    • allowing for complete sales/purchase history tracking by manufacturer's item id
  • Month-by-month subscription rates
    • no long term contract requirement
  • Link to JMK-Alias for cross reference to major wholesalers (ATD, KTW, TCI, Finklestein and more) and also GM Dealer Network
  • Link to list of manufacturers setup in J-Library