Car Dealer / Hub

Automated Tire Purchase/Resale
Car Dealer Data; Car Dealer Web Marketing; Car Dealer Delivery Claims Processing

J-Library Automated Inventory Setup

An established library of tire manufacturers and items needed for your inventory which can be added at need. Industry standard naming allows many benefits for searching and sharing data.

Tire Smart Application

JMK core applications are delivered via the cloud.
They are text-screen applications as a design choice.

  1. POS operations work best as keyboard only applications.
  2. Text screens require less internet bandwidth and can be fast even on slower connections.
  3. Menu driven text screens allow fine-grained control over who can access what.
  4. Applications interface with web services to provide additional resources as needed.
The applications exist as seperate yet interconnected modules where data orginates.
from the POS applications and migrates thrugh to end in General Ledger.

JMK is a highly customize-able suite of cloud applications.
National Accounts / Purchase Resale
Remote User Access.
Robust Accounting Multi-State Multi-Corporation.